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Have you had enough of attracting all the wrong people?

You might have been in relationships where you’ve lost all self-worth and trust in people. Maybe you feel stuck or broken and you don’t know where to start moving forward.

You want to break the cycle of getting into one unhealthy relationship after another.

You can stop the cycle and find the love you deserve. 


Move Forward

Relationships Built Exactly To Your Needs

Dating after a heartbreak can be daunting. You may feel scared and vulnerable because you don’t want your heart to be broken again.

You may be looking for some certainty as to what you can do to insure enjoyable dates.

You want to feel worthy, beautiful and desirable again.

And…. you’re not quite sure it’s possible.

I’m going to show you some ways that will help you find love again.

love is my specialty

You deserve love. Get In Touch to find out what’s in your way.


Healthy Relationship Mastery

Do you want to be loved for who you are?

Do you want fulfilled and meaningful relationships?

Do you want to embrace life with zeal and passion?

I will take you through a step by step, proven process and provide the support you need to blossom into the person you truly are- someone who sets boundaries and knows you deserve great love.

You most certainly can enjoy peace, happiness and true love.

Break the Cycle

Stop attracting toxic men and learn how to find the good ones.

Find acceptance

You will start to see yourself as beautiful, sexy, and worthy.

BE vibrant

Step into your power.  Your confidence will shine from the inside out and attract the right man to you. 

find freedom to love

Heal the wounds from heartbreak  and discover the strength that allows you to be in a loving, healthy relationship.

From Lise

My vow to you

During my 30 years in family law I saw pain and heartbreaks every single day.

I vowed to start showing people how they could avoid having to walk through those divorce courtroom doors in the first place.

Now I’m on a mission to make a difference in this world by helping people have amazing relationships.

You can break free from self-sabotaging relationship patterns and grow to attract healthy relationships that lead to a fulfilled and happy life.

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